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Every Day Carry IFAK

Sheepdog Response worked with Safeguard Medical and Combat Medical to bring you our Everyday Carry IFAK (EDIFAK). Weighing in at just 15oz. this lifesaving kit is designed to fit neatly into a backpack, gym bag, stroller, or purse and provides all the cutting-edge trauma gear you need in the event of an emergency.
Made from brightly colored Ripstop nylon this kit is packed with more gear than you find in much bulkier IFAKs.
The EDC IFAK includes:
  • 1x Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet (TMT)
  • 1x Combat Medical Battle Bandage (pressure dressing)
  • 1x Celox Rapid B-Con (Hemostatic dressing)
  • 1x Pre-lubricated Nasal Airway
  • 1x Pair non-allergenic gloves
  • 1x Klever Kutter (seatbelt/clothing cutter)
  • 2x Sentinel Chest Seals
  • 1x Emergency blanket (extra-large)
  • 1X MARCH quick start instructional guide