Please note that you must have attended a Protector 1 to be eligible for Protector 2. Haven't been to a Protector 1, you're in luck because our Vegas courses will start with not one, but two Protector 1 courses, followed by this Protector 2 course, so you would be able to attend both.[>

"To be a Protector means you never take your eye off the important things. You wake up every morning and rededicate yourself to training and preparedness. You know your thresholds. Never waste a second making excuses that you could be pushing those thresholds. Every day a little better trained and a lot harder to kill.” — Matt Smith

Take your handgun and combative skills to the next level with the much anticipated new Protector Two course.

In Protector One, you learned pistol and grappling fundamentals, situation awareness and an introduction to tactical medicine. You built the foundation for being a warrior and an asset to your family and community. Now, the time has come to step outside your comfort zone once again and push yourself to an entirely new and challenging level.

Protector 2

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