Unarmed Combatives Virtual Training

No matter who you are, you’ll find yourself in situations where you don’t have weapons to protect you and those around you.

Maybe it’s a party.

Maybe it’s a long outdoor run.

But no matter what the situation is, what matters is knowing how to protect yourself when you find yourself unarmed.

That's exactly why we’ve developed our Unarmed Combatives virtual training course. Taught by Tim Kennedy, this course will teach you the skills and awareness to protect and preserve life when you find yourself unarmed.

Who This Course Is For

  • Anyone interested in learning the basics of unarmed self-defense
  • Those with experience in martial arts but want an understanding of how weapon control plays a factor
  • Those interested in expanding their personal training programs to include  unarmed self defense
  • People of every body type and size
  • Those that are interested in learning self defense but apprehensive about starting a new program without learning a little about it first
  • Those that want to learn in the comfort of their own home
  • Those who want to increase their level of confidence and security in an unpredictable world

What You'll Learn / Course Features

  • The basic pummeling warm-ups used by beginners and professional fighters alike
  • How to use the underhook technique to control an opponent and how to use pummeling to gain the underhook when you need it
  • The skills used to take a standing opponent to the ground
  • The skills to escape an opponent that is on top of you
  • The highly effective Triple-Attack employed by professional fighters
  • The Body-Lock Takedown that takes opponents to the ground while controlling a weapon
  • Proven techniques for weapon retention and take-away
  • The skills to employ chokes from various positions that will render your opponent defenseless
  • The highly effective Arm Ratchet that renders an opponent's arms useless and is highly effective for cuffing or escape
  • How to deal with more than one opponent
  • How to effectively fight for a weapon, control a weapon in a fight, and survive a fight if your opponent has a weapon
  • See live real-time fight demonstrations by ultra high level fighters including Tim Kennedy
  • Techniques for breathing and controlling your breathing rate to give yourself the greatest advantage in a fight
  • The basics of striking and punching and great tools to help you practice punching effectively
  • The understanding of how weapons affect a fight and what you should do if a weapon is introduced into a fight
  • The effectiveness of speed, surprise, and violence on an opponent
  • The self confidence that comes from know how to employ effective techniques to defend yourself against opponents of all sizes and skill levels

Instructor: Tim Kennedy
Run Time: 2+ hours of instruction
19 Lessons