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Unarmed Combatives Virtual Training


What is Unarmed Combatives?

No matter who you are, you’ll find yourself in situations where you don’t have weapons to protect you and those around you. Maybe it’s a party. Maybe it’s a long outdoor run.

But no matter what the situation is, what matters is knowing how to protect yourself when you find yourself unarmed. Most people sign up for martial arts training expecting to learn realistic self-defense, and few get it.

That’s why we’ve developed the Unarmed Combatives curriculum to address the skills you need to successfully respond to these threats. Based on the hand-to-hand skills used by the military, Special Operations Forces, and mixed martial artists, Unarmed Combatives provides truly effective techniques that can be mastered by anyone.

Are you prepared to save your life … and the lives of others?



Tim Kennedy


Learn how to protect yourself and those around you when all you have is yourself to protect you. The course includes techniques used by professional fighters, and the specific skills and moves necessary to get out of any fighting situation.



Understand how to analyze and assess dangerous situations and determine the best plan of action, both before and during a fight. Learn the effectiveness of speed, surprise, and violence in a fight. 



Understand how weapons affect a fight and how to respond if your opponent introduces a weapon. Learn how to effectively fight for a weapon, control a weapon in a fight, and survive a fight if your opponent has a weapon.


We move beyond the theoretical and philosophical and get straight to the practical, including showing you real-time fight demonstrations. You'll finish this course feeling prepared to survive and succeed in a fight. 

What You'll Learn

  • Multiple tactics and techniques for both escaping when your opponent is in control, and also for taking control of your opponent during a fight.
  • Confidence in fighting for and controlling a weapon, surviving the fight when your opponent has the weapon, and retention techniques if you take the weapon away from your opponent.
  • Techniques for controlling your breathing rate to give yourself the best advantage in a fight.
  • Confidence in fighting someone of any size and skill level.

What You’ll Receive


How long will I have access to this course?

You'll have lifetime access to these courses.

Who's the instructor for this course?

Tim Kennedy

Why Virtual Training Works

Our virtual training courses are designed to help you become a master of the basics on your own schedule, right at home. You'll get lifetime access to our content, allowing you to re-visit the material as often as you'd like to refresh and stay sharp.