When we ask this question, the overwhelming response is "to protect me and my family". Protecting your home and the people in it is not a task to take lightly, and no one is exempt - even Tim has had an intruder attempt to break into his home (spoiler: it ended poorly for the intruder)

Our Singleton Security course is designed to teach the basic fundamentals of home protection, single-person room clearing, planning, firearms proficiency, and other defense considerations in and around residential areas so you can sleep better knowing you have the skills to protect your most valuable assets - your home and family.

Singleton Security Virtual Training

Singleton Security Virtual Training

Singleton Security Virtual Training

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What You’ll Learn

  • Low light considerations
  • Home defense weapon options
  • Room clearing (Single Man)
  • Breaching and entry considerations
  • Methods of movement within a structure
  • Barricaded shooting
  • Flat range training 
5 Modules

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