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Pistol 3 Virtual Training

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This is the master class in our multilevel series on pistol marksmanship. Virtual Pistol III takes you from marksman to tactician.

This installment discusses and demonstrates the skills needed to be a dynamic shooter that can react to any situation.

Watch as professional shooters show you the drills that will take your pistol handling and marksmanship to the highest levels.

Prepare yourself for any tactical situation with this high-level course.


Tim Kennedy



Learn proven tactics that increase survivability and create lethal effectiveness.



Learn how to make the transition to a fully dynamic shooter capable of engaging from any position.

Go Past

The Basics

Utilize drills that take you past the basics and help you to get the most out of your weapon system.



Watch as professional operators show you the tactics and techniques they use on the battlefield.

What You'll Learn

  • Alternate shooting positions.
  • Advanced use of cover.
  • Dynamic shooting that helps you advance to high level shooting and marksmanship.
  • Tactics that really work to keep you one step ahead of any adversary.
  • How to win in a firefight.

What You’ll Receive


How long will I have access to this course?

You'll have lifetime access to these courses.

Who's the instructor for this course?

Tim Kennedy

Why Virtual Training Works

Our virtual training courses are designed to help you become a master of the basics on your own schedule, right at home. You'll get lifetime access to our content, allowing you to re-visit the material as often as you'd like to refresh and stay sharp.