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Made in the USA

Escape Capsules can enable escape from restraints during the immediate aftermath of an abduction or unlawful custody. These tiny “hidden in plain sight” devices look identical to common vitamin capsules, and so have a good chance of avoiding detection and confiscation by captors.

These could be valuable tools for operatives or even civilians in hostile environments in which escape from unlawful captivity could be a necessary survival option. Completely non-metallic. Capsule colors will vary. Do not expose to moisture, humidity or extreme heat. Made in the USA

Escape Capsules should never be swallowed, ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.

HANDCUFF KEY: Just pull this tiny capsule apart and a handcuff key suddenly is in your hand! Size: 0.76” length x 0.26“ diameter. Weight: 0.01 oz.  These are the smallest handcuff keys on the market!!

*Handcuffs shown in picture not included.