SDR Ranger Panties Now In Stock -- GEt them here

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SDR Ranger Panties Now In Stock -- GEt them here


Please note that you must have attended a Sheepdog Level 1 to be eligible for Sheepdog Level 2. Haven't been to a Level 1, you're in luck because our Vegas courses will start with not one, but two Level 1 courses, followed by this Level 2 course, so you would be able to attend both.

“Sheepdogs never stop training. Our job is to crush our weaknesses and turn them into strengths. We dedicate our lives to being the best, to saving lives, and to being the hardest person anyone ever tries to kill.” — Dennis Jones, Director of Training

Take your handgun and combatives skills to the next level with the much anticipated new Sheepdog Level Two course.

In Sheepdog Level One, you learned pistol and grappling fundamentals, situation awareness and an introduction to tactical medicine. You built the foundation for being a warrior and an asset to your family and community. Now, the time has come to step outside your comfort zone once again and push yourself to an entirely new, and challenging, level.

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