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Provider Optic Cover


Get ready to elevate your hunting game with our brand new Provider Optic Cover – the latest innovation from our cutting-edge Provider hunting line. This isn't just an optic cover; it's your weapon's new best friend, designed to keep your sights clear and your mind at ease.

Crafted from heavy-duty nylon and robust padding, this cover ensures your optics stay protected no matter where your adventure takes you. Its versatile design features zippers and straps, allowing it to expand or contract seamlessly, ensuring a snug fit on a wide range of weapons and optics. And let's talk about the Kevlar muzzle cover – tough enough to handle rough environments and high heat and designed to tighten around your barrel or expand to accommodate a suppressor. 

Measuring 15 inches in its compact form and stretching up to 21 inches when fully extended, this optic cover is the epitome of versatility and durability. Whether you're heading out to the range or tracking game through the wilderness, your optics are safe under its watch.

 Grab your Provider Optic Cover now and step into a world of precision and protection on your next hunting adventure!