Leche De Padre Tee

Get ready for the milk man with our exclusive "Leche De Padre" t-shirt, a playful nod to Tim's favorite submission in jiu jitsu, the smother choke. Whether you're a grappling guru or just love a good laugh, this tee is a must-have for your collection.

Tim may have been the first, but now the "Leche De Padre" is spreading like wildfire among high-level grapplers, from Gordon Ryan to Big Dan the Milk Man. It's the move everyone's talking about!

Sport this limited edition tee and send a message to your training partners: it's time to get that man milk flowing with some friendly waterboarding sessions on the mat. Laughter is the best submission, right?

Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of grappling history, served with a side of humor. Grab your "Leche De Padre t-shirt before they're gone!

Strut your stuff on the mat, embrace the absurdity, and make a splash (of laughter) with our "Leche De Padre" t-shirt. Your grappling game just got a whole lot funnier!

Size: Medium