Tactical Rifle (Carbine 1) Virtual Training
Tactical Rifle (Carbine 1) Virtual Training
Tactical Rifle (Carbine 1) Virtual Training

Tactical Rifle (Carbine 1) Virtual Training


The carbine weapon system has proven itself as a powerful asset to any trained shooter. Release the full potential of the carbine by training to maximize its potential. See how Special Operators use this system to be lethal and effective protectors. Take your skills with the carbine rifle to the next level with the Tactical Rifle Virtual Course (previously Carbine 1).

The Details 
Hours of Instruction2
InstructorTim Kennedy
Available on MobileYes

Realistic Drills

Learn the drills that Special Operators use to train with this powerful weapon.

Firearms Proficiency

Learn how to handle a carbine rifle system in a way that makes you an effective marksman.

Equipment Overview

See the equipment available for the modern carbine and learn how to use it to increase its potential. 

Shoot On The Move

Learn the techniques of moving and shooting with this incredibly accurate weapon system.

Why Virtual Training Works

Our virtual training courses are designed to help you become a master of the basics on your own schedule, right at home. You'll get lifetime access to our content, allowing you to re-visit the material as often as you'd like to refresh and stay sharp.

What You'll Learn

  • Ancillary equipment selection and set up for the carbine weapon system.
  • How to zero your system to get the most accurate shots at any distance.
  • Shooting while on the move to make yourself a hard target.
  • Drills that you can take to the range to improve your performance with the carbine.

How to Train at Home

Virtual training allows you to take time to digest, process, and internalize the life-saving principles that we teach. 

These principles of course need to be practiced and implemented, day-in, and day-out at your own range, but you can learn the practical principles at home and on your own.

This course has a lot of great information in it. There's something for everyone, from basics to advanced skills. I like that it's broken down into different videos so you can start, stop or replay just the parts you want to. Tim does a great job at explaining how and why to do things. I highly recommend this course.

Amber G.

What You'll Receive

2 Hours of World Class Training

Taught by Tim Kennedy, this course will come with the best content in the industry.

Train At Your Pace, On Your Schedule

Don't worry about finding a weekend that works for you. Train at home, on your own schedule.

Great Customer Support

We're here to help. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and we'll take care of you.


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