Protector Fitness Online Training
Protector Fitness Online Training
Protector Fitness Online Training

Protector Fitness Online Training


You don't get to choose when being fit could potentially save your life. Functional capacity for doing work is an essential part of being a protector and provider. The Sheepdog Protector Fitness course was made in collaboration with CrossFit legend and NCFIT founder, Jason Khalipa. This course is designed to help you start or continue to develop the functional capacity required of a protector. Whether you are using it to help you get the most out of our live training courses, or just improve your overall fitness, if you stick with it you will notice an improvement in your functional capacity by the end of this course. Made for any fitness level.

      The Details 
      Hours of Instruction1.5
      InstructorTim Kennedy and Jason Khalipa
      Available on MobileYes

      Equip Yourself

      Learn how to properly perform key movements safely and efficiently, plus other important tips for improving your overall health.

      Functional Capacity

      Improve your overall functional capacity for work and movement, so you can easily do all that life demands of you.

      Visual Demonstration

      See movements and example workouts demonstrated for you in the course videos and with access to the NCFIT movement library.

      Detailed Instruction

      A detailed E-book with chapter guides and breakdowns of the workous to help you follow along and get the most benefit out of this course.

      Why Virtual Training Works

      Our virtual training courses are designed to help you become a master of the basics on your own schedule, right at home. You'll get lifetime access to our content, allowing you to re-visit the material as often as you'd like to refresh and stay sharp.

      What You'll Learn

      • What is a Protector?
      • Essential Equipment for Protector Fitness
      • The Language of Protector Fitness
      • The Protector Fitness Test
      • The Fundamentals of Functional Capacity
      • How to Perform a Squat
      • The Mechanics of a Great Press
      • How to Incorporate Thrusters and Pulls
      • Introduction to Dynamic Lifts
      • Why You Need to Warm Up and Cool Down
      • Sleep, Nutrition, and Hydration

      How to Train at Home

      Virtual training allows you to take time to digest, process, and internalize the life-saving principles that we teach. 

      These principles of course need to be practiced and implemented, day-in, and day-out, but you can learn the practical principles at home and on your own.

      "This program is perfect! It’s exactly what I was looking for. I love having all the variety and it’s all planned out so you don’t have to think. It is also easy to do when traveling in any hotel gym. I highly recommend!"

      Jeffrey F.

      What You'll Receive

      1.5 Hours of World Class Training

      Taught by Tim Kennedy and Jason Khalipa, this course will come with the best content in the industry.

      Train At Your Pace, On Your Schedule

      Don't worry about finding a weekend that works for you. Train at home, on your own schedule.

      Great Customer Support

      We're here to help. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and we'll take care of you.


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