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Vehicle Defender Online Virtual Training


Ever wondered about the best methods to defend yourself and your family when a life threatening situation happens while you are in or around your vehicle? It is a scenario that not nearly enough people train for and there are unique considerations involved. This virtual course is broken down into four in-depth chapters. It will cover vehicle considerations, including ballistic integrity and cover versus concealment, situational awareness and communication, live drills, and vehicle ballistics demonstrations. This course will help prepare you to use your vehicle to your advantage in any dangerous situation.


Tim Kennedy

Vehicle Considerations

Learn about the considerations involved when using a vehicle to your advantange.

Situational Awareness

Learn about the importance of awareness and communication when defending yourself around a vehicle.

Firearms Proficiency

Learn live drills that demonstrate how to approach different scenarios with your vehicle and your weapon.

Vehicle Ballistics

Learn how shooting through a vehicle changes things in a firefight.

What You’ll Receive


How long will I have access to this course?

You'll have lifetime access to these courses.

Who's the instructor for this course?

Tim Kennedy.

Why Virtual Training Works

Our virtual training courses are designed to help you become a master of the basics on your own schedule, right at home. You'll get lifetime access to our content, allowing you to re-visit the material as often as you'd like to refresh and stay sharp.

What You'll Learn

  • Vehicle and equipment considerations.
  • Cover versus concealment.
  • Situational awareness and communication.
  • Multiple live drills.
  • How shooting through a vehicle affects your shot.

How to Train at Home

Virtual training allows you to take time to digest, process, and internalize the life-saving principles that we teach.

These principles of course need to be practiced and implemented, day-in, and day-out at your own range, but you can learn the practical principles at home and on your own.