Women’s Self-Defense Level 1

Woman's Self-Defense

Women’s Self-Defense 

You’ve likely seen or read the stats.

Approximately one in three women have experienced sexual trauma in their lives.

According to FBI statistics, in 2017, there were an estimated 1,247,321 violent crimes.

While we don’t think the burden is on the victim to defend themselves, the reality is everyone, men and women alike, could benefit from self defense education.

We’ve added this course to teach women the skills to successfully deal with these issues within a supportive community they can turn to for ongoing encouragement and reinforcement.

About Women’s Self Defense

We’ve taken the popular curriculum of SDR Level I and specially tailored it to fit the unique challenges and needs of the modern woman. Led by Sheepdog’s top level instructors, you’ll train with women of all skill levels in a supportive but challenging environment to learn how to reduce or avoid risk and what to do should a situation arise.

Why We’re Different

While there are many options out there for women’s self defense, at Sheepdog Response you’ll get a fully rounded training experience that includes situational awareness, a variety of hand-to-hand tactics to fight away an attacker, fundamental weapons training, and examples of real life situations and how they should be handled. Plus, you’ll train with a mix of male and female instructors with backgrounds in military, mixed martial arts, and law enforcement.

Our goal is to have our students walk away confident in their ability to protect themselves and practiced in the basic skills needed to do so.

What You’ll Learn

Part 1: Situational Awareness

  • You may hear us refer to it as “atmospherics and biometrics”, but what it comes down to is learning how to be aware of your surroundings. We’ll teach you how to assess your surroundings, from new places to familiar ones, so you can begin to instinctively spot when something is not right.
  • Knowing what is going on around you is important, but just as you are scoping out the environment, so are the bad guys. Criminals like easy targets; we’ll go over how strong body language signals like posture and eye contact can help in deterring an attacker.

Part 2: Fighting Back

  • If you find yourself in a situation where you need to fight, we’ll teach you how to engage as minimally as possible using techniques to break contact and get away.
  • Many self defense programs teach you a few signature moves. Yes, we’ll go over those too, but our hand-to-hand combat training is focused on a more holistic approach. You’ll develop combat skills but also learn the three rules to always keep in mind and what techniques are best for each.
  • Those three rules? You’ll leave the course able to fight for the weapon, fight for position, and do maximum damage with each opportunity. The application of these rules combined with the hands-on technique training will give you the full range of skills to defend yourself if necessary.

Part 3: Gear Placement and Firearms Safety

  • Whether you own and are familiar with a gun or not, there may come a time when you find yourself needing to know how to handle one safely. We’ll give you a crash course in firearms safety so the next time you hold a gun it is with confidence.
  • If you do own a gun, where do you carry it and how accessible is it in an emergency? We’ll identify the most effective ways to carry your firearm and touch on techniques to make getting it out when needed a smoother process (because let’s be honest, sometimes the bottom of that purse can be a hard place to get to in a pinch).
  • Don’t have a weapon? No problem! Sheepdog Response has several available for training and many of the local ranges we use offer rental programs. Don’t let not having a gun or any shooting experience deter you; we are here to help.

Part 4: Confidence with a Firearm

  • If a situation escalates, you may need to use a gun to save your life. In addition to the basic fundamentals we’ll provide the guidance and practice needed to be confident in your shot. From loading techniques to shooting at various distances, we’ll go over the eight fundamentals you need to know to be proficient.
  • After a few tries, some of the shots will become easy on the range, but in a real-life situation you likely won’t have time to set up and get comfortable. We’ll train you how to draw your weapon from it’s concealed position and practice your aim so you can get the shot even under duress.

Women’s Self Defense is open to all women. No prior experience is necessary. Seats are limited for this event and available as first come, first served. If you will need a firearm, please let us know as soon as possible. This 20 hour course is broken up into two 10 hour daytime blocks.

Course Features

  • Self Defense
  • Striking Skills
  • Weapons Retention
  • Rapid Re-loads
  • Correcting weapons malfunctions
  • Daylight Marksmanship
  • Low-light Marksmanship
  • First Aid Training
  • Situational Awareness

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