Sheepdog Occupational Level 1

Occupational Level 1

The Occupational Level 1 course was designed for Law Enforcement, Military, Swat Medics, and other agencies that require a firearm for their occupation. We also offer Purchase orders for approved agencies. 

This class has been developed to help you respond to events similar to those in recent news. We will also focus generally on situational awareness, weapons retention, arrest and control, and advanced firearms training. C.L.E.E.T. Accredited.


Weapon manipulation, draw, malfunctions, reloading.  Refining fundamentals of shooting and adding stress for more realistic training “Battle tested” defensive tactics that are proven to work under the toughest circumstances. This course will consist of pistol and carbine (if you add on Friday’s Carbine class). Students should have a fundamental knowledge of both weapon systems.


Up Coming Occupational Level 1

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