Tim Kennedy Emerson Fixed Blade Knife

Material & Grind
Hardness: RC 57-59
Handle: Black G-10
Blade: 154 CM
Finish: Stone Washed

Overall Length: 10.1 in.
Blade Length: 4.8 in.
Blade Thickness: 0.156 in.
Weight: 6 oz.


The knife boasts a robust construction, with a full tang design that extends the blade's steel throughout the handle for maximum strength and durability. This ensures that the knife can withstand intense pressure and heavy-duty tasks without compromising its integrity. The blade itself is expertly crafted from high-quality materials, utilizing combat proven 154CM steel alloy. This choice of materials not only guarantees long-lasting sharpness but also helps maintain the blade's effectiveness in varied conditions.

Ergonomics play a pivotal role in the design of the Tim Kennedy Fixed Blade. The handle is thoughtfully contoured to provide a secure and comfortable grip, allowing for precise control during intricate tasks. The textured surface of the G-10 scales further enhances the knife's grip, ensuring it remains firmly in hand, even in wet or slippery conditions. This attention to detail underscores the practicality of the knife, making it an indispensable tool for military personnel, law enforcement officers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone in need of a rugged, reliable, and versatile cutting instrument.

This knife is somewhere between a Bowie, a Ka-bar, and an OSS dagger. It has to be rugged, durable and fit your hand like it was custom made for every user.