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Savage Trails

Do you have what it takes to get yourself out of a dangerous situation?

Whether you are someone who travels to remote or high risk areas for business or want to be prepared to lead your team if a threatening situation arises on the homefront, this exclusive, small group leadership and survival course will set you up for success. 

Employ grit and ruggedness to operate far beyond your comfort zone with our new Sheepdog adventure and team building training. 

You’ll utilize teamwork, tactical skills and intestinal fortitude to tackle physical and mental obstacles, rugged environments and tense situations. 

Led by experienced Sheepdog Response instructors, this 3 day course will utilize experienced role players and actual live environments to test your ability to overcome adversity and teach you valuable skills applicable to leadership including planning, adjustments, and team management. 

This unique, small group experience is limited to only five participants. You must have completed Sheepdog Level 1 live training and provide a physical validating you can swim and move 12miles on foot within 4hrs (if accepted, we will provide a form to be signed by your Primary Doctor). 

Activities include: Walking, driving, hiking, planning, and possibly swimming (if you fall in water during the excursion).

Date and location to be announced.
Think you have what it takes? Apply below.

Do I need to bring or build a team or can I sign up solo?

This course is set up to accommodate individuals or small teams and is limited to five people. If you have five people or less you can register together as long as space is available, otherwise you will join others in the group to form a team of five. If you are interested in this training for a group larger than five, please contact so we can customize a course for you and your team.

Where do I get a physical that states I meet the requirements?

If you are accepted into the experience, we will send a form to you that needs to be signed by your doctor.

I haven’t taken Sheepdog Level 1 yet but am signed up for a later date. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply but must complete SDL1 before you can take part in the experience. Applying early gets you ahead on the waitlist should additional dates become available in the future.

What kind of gear will I need to bring? Will I need my firearm?

You should not bring a firearm to this course. All gear needed will be provided when you arrive.

How much does the course cost and what is included?

Once the training begins, all lodging, food, and transportation along the journey will be provided. You will need to cover your own expenses should you need to arrive a night prior to or depart the day following the three days of the training event.

Savage Trails



In order to take this special training, you must qualify by submitting an application with all the information below. One of our instructors will review your information and notify you if you are approved.

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