Randolph, New Jersey - Protector 1 (March 24-26th, 2022)


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    Protector 1 

    How many times in the last month have you looked down at your phone or checked the news only to see another robbery, kidnapping, or shooting?

    We face threats of violence every day, ranging from large-scale terrorism to one-on-one assaults. Most people are unprepared, unequipped, and untrained to respond effectively.

    Most people sign up for martial arts or weapons training expecting to learn realistic self-defense, and few get it.

    That’s why we’ve developed the Protector 1 curriculum to address the skills you need to successfully respond to these threats.

    Are you prepared to save your life … and the lives of others?

    When & Where: 

    March 24-26th, 2022

    Thursday 5pm-7:30pm 
    Friday 7am-6pm 
    Saturday 7am-5pm 


    About Protector 1

    Learn from some of the best instructors in the world, with decades of experience in shooting and fighting.

    You will spend the first night learning situation awareness and having some one-on-one time with our instructors who will go through your gear setup.  The next two days will be split between the mats and the range, learning defensive tactics, weapons retention, and firearms handling.

    What You’ll Learn

    Day 1

    Classroom: Situational awareness strategies that will help you prevent, avoid, or respond to threats to yourself and those around you. The quicker you can anticipate an attack the better your chances are for success. You will learn how to spot threats quicker, and maintain a state of awareness, assessment, action, or analysis at all times.

    Day 2

    Gym: You will learn a combination of handpicked defensive tactics and fighting strategies from around the world. Our techniques were developed by our instructors based on real-world experiences in fighting both overseas and in the highest levels of the UFC. 

    Range: Do you have the skills and mindset necessary to defend yourself and others with a pistol? We will teach you our preferred shooting methods, and explain why we do things the way we do. You will learn to properly draw, shoot, and reload your gun. 

    Day 3

    Gym: We increase the pressure by adding weapons and arm you with self-defense tactics that will give you a quick and decisive edge when close to the threat, and teach you to retain your weapons and defend against theirs. 

    Range: A gun fight is never a static environment, and now that you have learned the fundamentals we will have you shooting, moving and utilizing cover along with non standard shooting positions.

    Our Protector 1 course is open to anyone. No prior experience is necessary. Seats are limited for this event and available as first come, first served.

    Course Features

    • Self Defense Tactics
    • Striking Skills
    • Weapons Retention
    • Proper Loading/Unloading and Reloading
    • Correcting Weapons Malfunctions
    • Pistol Fundamentals of Marksmanship
    • Situational Awareness

    Don’t own a firearm? Shooting packages are available that include: firearm, holster, magazines, and magazine holders. Supplies are limited so reserve yours early by emailing info@sheepdogresponse.com.

    New Jersey Firearms Transport

    Sheepdog Response is dedicated to making sure that its customers comply with statutes and regulations in the states where we train.

    Although the State of New Jersey does have stringent policies concerning the possession of firearms it does not prohibit firearms training as long as gun owners understand the law.

    The following NJ State Police link outlines the NJ law for transporting firearms:


    Chapter 39 of the NJ statutes details the transportation and possession of firearms and prohibited items. It states:

    -You CAN legally transport a pistol, to and from training, with minimal deviations so long as it is unloaded and locked in a compartment separate from the passenger compartment (or in a locked container if the vehicle does not have a separate compartment like a trunk)

    - This includes patrons from out-of-state as long as they are legally allowed to own a gun in their home state

    - Can NOT possess hollow point ammunition or dumb-dumb rounds

    - Can NOT possess an assault rifle

    - Can NOT possess any magazine with a capacity higher than ten (10) rounds whether it is in a weapon or not

    - Can NOT carry, either concealed or open, on your person in public a firearm without a NJ license to do so

    NJ does allow legal gun owners the ability to train with their firearms as long as these criteria are met.

    For more information you can consult the NJ State Police webpage or the NJ Office of the Attorney General webpage.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email info@sheepdogresponse.com and we will get right back to you.  See you soon!