Nitecore P12

Nitecore P12

Nitecore P12

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The P12 is the perfect EDC flashlight

The Nitecore P12 features four output modes with setting designed to be ideal in its own way. The 950-1000 lumen high mode is bright enough for searching fields and vast expanses outdoors. The 210-lumen all-purpose mode is great for indoor and close-quarters use. P12 functions as a comfortable reading light with the 50-lumen low mode, or as a middle-of-the-night light with a 1 lumen firefly mode. Runtimes up to 520 hours.

The compact design fits comfortably in your pocket, backpack, belt holster, or anywhere else you keep your light. With advanced technology making devices smaller, Nitecore has been able to make the P12 not much bigger than the battery that powers it! Turn the light on/off with the tail switch and change modes with the side switch. With a simple interface, there is no possibility of getting the wrong mode when you need it the most. Additionally, the side switch features a LED status indicator, warning you to replace or recharge your batteries when necessary.


  • 18650 Nitecore Battery Included
  • Max Output: 1000 Lumens
  • Max Beam Distance: 232 m
  • Max Beam Intensity: 13500 cd
  • Max Run Time: 520 h 0 m/21.67 d