Esstac Double Pistol GAP Kywi


Esstac Double Pistol GAP Kywi

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These have an added gap between the pouches to accommodate for magazine pouches with long baseplates such as M&P and CZ magazines. Also the Gen5 Glock magazines.

Note: This pouch will spill over into the adjoining Molle channels about .25" on each side. Normal Kywi pouches have an overlap of about 1/8".

Fits 9mm, 40cal, 45acp Double stack Magazines.

Glock19 magazines are the shortest  you want to use in these pouches.

(Will not work for Glock26 or similer magazines they too short in height).

We recommend Esstac Belt Loops if you plan to attach these to belt - BUY THOSE HERE