Sheepdog Ultimate Bugout Bag V2

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Our New Ultimate Bugout bag is an excellent start to raising your preparedness level

Available on backorder


Our new Ultimate Bugout Bag has a ton of amazing gear that was handpicked by Tim Kennedy and his team at Sheepdog Response.  Our custom bugout bag does not sacrifice on quality and lives up to the “2 is 1 and 1 is none” motto in the survival world, meaning when it comes to important survival gear, you should have two of the most important items because if one is broken or lost, you’re in trouble. Our Ultimate Bugout bag is an excellent start to raising your preparedness level.

Included in our Ultimate Bugout bag is the new Sheepdog Response trauma kit, as well as a ton of other kickass products that we believe in and use ourselves. Check out the full contents list below.

***IF SHOWING AS BACK-ORDERED:  Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for shipping.  Sheepdog Bugout bags are made to order. *Faster shipping available if items shipped in multiple packages, 1-2 weeks.  Backpack is Black unless otherwise specified.  Please let us know if you’re going to wait and get your Bugout bag as one package, or if you’d like us to ship as items become available. If showing as in stock, your bugout bag will ship within 24 hours of your order, Mon-Fri., via USPS Priority mail. 


  1. Sog Entrenching Tool
  2. Silky Super Excel Saw
  3. 5.11 Rush 24 Backpack, Black
  4. Sawyer Mini Water Filter
  5. Lifestraw Water Filter
  6. 100′ 550 Paracord
  7. Gerber Fire Starter
  8. Sheepdog Response Fire Piston Kit
  9. (2) Emergency Solar Blankets
  10. Tritensil
  11. Mora Companion Bushcraft Knife
  12. Gerber StrongArm Knife
  13. Suunto M-3 NH Compass
  14. Snugpak Patrol Poncho, Black
  15. Sheepdog Response Trauma Kit (CAT tourniquet, Chest seals, Combat guaze, S-rolled gauze, decompression needle, Naso tube, 4″ Israeli dressing, Burn-Tec pad, New Trauma Shears)
  16. Nitecore P12 950 Lumen Flashlight  **Picture shows P12GT, which is not accurate   ***Now includes 3400 18650 Nitecore Battery
  17. RATS tourniquet
  18. Escape & Evasion Kit:  Kevlar cord, Mixed handcuff shim set, Clandestine handcuff keys (will receive green or tan), Ceramic Window Break. *Updated contents as of 9/25/18

Medical items: Customer warrants that they have the required training and authorizations to use any medical items in this kit that require training or authorization. Sheepdog Response & the Sheepdog Store assume no liability for its misuse.




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