SDR Flint & Steel Kit


New deerskin pouch included!

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Sheepdog Response Primitive Flint & Steel Kit

Sheepdog Response introduces our newest product;  The SDR Primitive Flint & Steel Kit. Now comes with a Deerskin pouch!  Don’t rely on a lighter to last out in the wilderness.  2 is one and 1 is none. We highly recommend carrying our Flint & Steel Kit, as well as our custom Fire Piston Kit  a solid Ferro Rod and striker.  Using a lighter is easy, but you should never rely on it to save your life.

Our strikers have all been tested before they ship to you, and our Georgetown flint rocks come directly from Texas!  We have included a pre-made bag of char cloth, as well as instructions on how to make more using the tin in your kit.

Deluxe flint and steel fire making kit includes

  • Real Deer Skin Pouch – Most Deerskin pouches will have natural blemishes
  • High-quality C-shaped Steel Striker, tested before shipping
  • 1-3″ Flint Stone (Flint may come in one or two pieces)
  • Carrying Tin (can be used to make more char cloth)
  • Char cloth material, and instructions to learn how to make it
  • 6′ Length of Jute Cordage.  Make 1-6 “birds nests”
  • Instruction on how to properly use your flint and steel

Starting a fire with Flint & Steel

  • Step 1:  Build your “birds nest” using jute cord, bark, oakum, or materials you’ve found in the woods.  Be sure your nest has fine materials in the middle so that it will easily light when the char cloth ember is placed inside of it.  Please be aware that if you only make your nest using Jute Cord, the fire will burn faster, and you’ll have to light your kindling quickly. You should always forage enough fine to medium materials, varying sizes of kindling, so that you have everything you need before you light your nest.
  • Step 2:  Place a piece of char cloth on top of the flint rock, near the edge.  You’ll want to hold the char cloth close to the same sharp edge you’re going to strike with the steel striker, this way your sparks will fall into the char cloth and create a coal
  • Step 3:  Wipe the oils and/or dirt from the edge of your striker, and start to rapidly strike the edge of the flint rock in a downward motion to create sparks.  It will take practice to get good at it.  You do not want to strike the flint rock hard. You are simply trying to brush the steel strikers past the flint rock in a quick, glancing or scraping motion.
  • Step 4:  Once your char cloth catches a spark from the steel, carefully place it in your nest and blow it into a flame.

Technique IS the KEY  –  YouTube is filled with great videos on how to use these same techniques.

How to make your own Char Cloth

Get a small container made of metal and poke a small hole at the top. 1/8” is good (Container must have a lid; metal tins work best).   Get a 100% cotton t-shirt and cut it into pieces small enough to fit in the container.  1” pieces should work well.  Put the pieces into the container but do not pack them.  You want them loose. Put the tin on the fire (gas grill works well) DO NOT do this inside your home! Cook until you do not see any more smoke coming from the tin, remove the tin from the fire and let it cool at least 1 hour or so.    WARNING:  User assumes all risk and liability. Always use under strict adult supervision.  Always use outdoors.  Extinguish ember before storing.



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