2019 Rogue Responder Presented by Sheepdog Response

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December 7-8th, 2019
8am-5pm Both Days

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Sheepdog Response is partnering with Rogue American to bring you the Rogue Responder TTRC course.  This event will be a first of it’s kind that you don’t want to miss.  We will provide a comprehensive and challenging strength and conditioning program to kick off each morning leading into our course work developed by Matt Devine, a strength and conditioning coach for the Department of Defense. We will spend one day learning key concepts and skills in the classroom. We will then spend the second day applying those concepts in real world simulations that will challenge both your fitness and your ability to operate while under stress.

This course is open to anyone. No experience is necessary, and no medical equipment is required for this course.  All training gear will be provided to you during the course.  Get some of the best hands-on training in the world.  This new course is heavily based on hands-on, real-world training scenarios.

Learn how to properly apply a tourniquet, pack a wound,  use an Israeli pressure dressing, and much, much more.  We bring you our years of experience on the battlefield as well as here inside the United States treating trauma patients.  Some of the scenarios for this course will be heavily based on active shooter situations, including school and mass shootings.

  • Situation Awareness
  • Response to an active shooter situation
  • Breakdown and usage of IFAK (Individual 1st Aid Kits)
  • Basic 1st Aid and Advanced Trauma wound care
  • Application of Gauze & Israeli Bandages, as well as Hemostatic Agents
  • Moving and positioning victims with injuries
  • Proper use of cover, and cover vs. concealment
  • Casualty recovery in Active Shooter Situations
  • Mass casualty triage procedures and trauma scene management
  • Hemorrhage control, Hemorrhagic Shock
  • Airway, Breathing, and Circulation, as well as managing the airway
  • Head Trauma
  • Document Care


  • Saturday
    • Morning Fitness training/team building event
    • TTRC Academic Part 1
    • Lunch Fitness Seminar
    • TTRC Academic Part 2
  • Sunday
    • Morning Fitness / buddy team building event
    • Scenario Training
    • Lunch Fitness Seminar
    • Enhanced Scenario Training
    • Team building/AAR/cookout for dinner

Location:    Rogue American Apparel  – 4701 HUDSON BEND RD, AUSTIN, TX 78734


Matt Smith – Sergeant Major Matt Smith is a US Army Green Beret and 20-year veteran of Special Operations. He is a Special Missions Unit alumni and master tactics trainer. He is an Army TCCC instructor, certified Flight Paramedic, Critical Care Paramedic, Diving Medical Technician, and has conducted joint medical mission planning for some of the top tier units within Special Operations. His certifications include Master Parachutist, Military Free Fall Jumpmaster, and Combat Diving Supervisor. SGM Smith is a Master Diver and currently runs the Special Forces Underwater Operations School in Key West, FL. He has been featured on Discovery Channel training the nation’s finest Special Operators on clandestine infiltration. He has deployed as a direct action operator to Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and multiple other deployments worldwide. SGM Smith has spent decades training multinational Special Operators, Law Enforcement, and other Government/DOD Agencies in advanced tactics and combat medicine.

Dennis Jones – Dennis Jones is Sheepdog Response’s Director of Training. His certifications and specialties include Airborne, Air Assault, Modern Army Combatives Levels I-IV Instructor, Special Operations Combatives Program Instructor, Protective Services Training Course, Anti-terrorism and Evasive Driving Course, and Gracie Survival Tactics Trainer. As a Military Police Soldier he has conducted supervisory community policing operations within the CONUS environment, supervisory tactical policing operations within the OCONUS and combat environments, and served as the Team Commander for an installation level Special Reaction Team at one of the U.S. Army’s largest CONUS installations.

Matt Devine, MEd, CSCS, LMT –Matt Devine works with the Department of Defense and Sheepdog Response as a performance training consultant and serves as an adjunct instructor at Northern Virginia Community College.   He has experience working the US Olympic Committee (USOC) Sport Sciences Division in the field of biomechanics and has served as a volunteer strength coach with the USOC and the National Strength and Conditioning Association, working with USA Judo, 10th Special Forces Group, and Colorado Springs SWAT.  Matt has trained professional and developmental athletes athletes in commercial and scholastic settings in addition to clinical experience working in outpatient physical therapy.  He was a resident athlete at the US Olympic Training Center competing with the U.S. National Weightlifting Team and has won numerous national level titles. Matt holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Virginia and a license in manual massage therapy, specializing in clinical pain management and performance applications.


Question:  Do I need to be a first responder to take this course?

Answer:  No,  anyone can attend this course.  It was designed for everyone from law enforcement to everyday civilians.

Question:  Can I take my children to this class?

Answer:  In a lot of cases, yes.  We would prefer 16 years old or older, but everything is on a case-by-case basis.

Question:  Do I need to bring any gear?

Answer:  No,  all training gear will be provided during the course

Question:  What should I wear?

Answer:  Whatever you wear to work or your normal everyday street clothes.

Question:  Should I bring lunch or snacks?

Answer:  Lunch breaks are typically 1 hour.  You can go out for lunch or bring lunch/snacks as long as you’re back in time for the re-start of training.

Question:  How much hands-on training is it?

Answer:  Most of this course is hands-on training.

Question: If I am an EMT, Nurse or Doctor,  am I overqualified for this course?

Answer:  No.  We have had a wide variety of medical professionals in this course. Everyone will gain valuable knowledge from our top-tier instructor cadre.


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