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November 17 – 19, 2018
Great Meadows NJ
Sat. 5pm-9:30pm
Sun. 7am-6pm
Mon. 7am-6pm

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Home should be your safe space. Are you prepared to prevent and protect?

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, there were an estimated 1.5 million burglaries in 2016.

69.5% took place in residential properties.

Don’t let your home be a statistic.

About CQB

Sheepdog CQB is an exclusive course being offered for the first time. This specialized course was developed to give you solid fundamental knowledge of Home Defense.

We’ve taken our expertise of Special Operations Close Quarters Battle and Physical Security and streamlined it for max impact to teaching you how to fight, survive, and win inside of a structure, be it your home or office.

What You’ll Learn

Part 1: Prevention and Planning
  • Castles had moats to keep intruders out; your house likely doesn’t. We’ll teach you the best safeguards to make your home a hard target (read more tips on our blog) < Link to How to Make Your Home A Hard Target
  • There are hundreds of security system options with dozens of features. We’ll cover the top picks and why they work.
  • “Location, location, location” isn’t just a phrase for real estate. Floorplans, accessibility of weapons, and your surroundings are all crucial to a plan that sets you up to defend and protect. We’ll get your safety plan optimized.
Part 2: Secure and Fight Back
  • If you think you’ve had a security breach, instinct says to go check it out. We’ll teach you the best ways to clear the area without putting you – or your family – in a vulnerable position.
  • Fighting off an intruder, especially in tight, dark hallways and stairways, has its challenges. We’ll train in low-light conditions, grapple in confined spaces, practice compressed shooting techniques, and highlight best practices to beat the bad guy.
  • Practice makes perfect. We’ll take it back to basics on the mats and the range, reviewing techniques that are crucial in close quarter combat situations.
Part 3: Test Your Skills
  • Don’t let the first time you try these techniques be the time it matters most. We’ll put your skills to the test in a home and office setting, walking through multiple scenarios with and without weapons.

CQB is open to all, but some familiarity with firearms is preferred. Seats are limited for this event and available as first come, first served.

 Course Features

  • 27+ Hours of total training
  • Confined Combatives
  • Low Light
  • Physical Security
  • Confined Marksmanship
  • Room/Structure Clearing
  • Actions on Contact
  • Gear / Kit selection
  • Security Systems

Read our latest blog about Home Security HERE.


General Packing List

Tourniquet  (required)  Can be purchased from us.

Attire will be range gear at all times, all days

2 pairs of durable pants and 2 comfortable shirts for shooting courses

Rain Jacket- the event will go forward regardless of weather

Baseball cap or other hat with brim





Bright flashlight

(Optional) Knife that you typically carry

Food / Water

Our lunch breaks will be short, so you might want to bring “sack lunches” or something

That you can carry with you for Saturday and Sunday that does not require any preparation

Bring any other snacks you desire

Bring some bottles of water or a refillable container to stay hydrated during the training days

Firearm and accessories


OWB or Concealed Carry Holster with Retention*

Light for your pistol if you have one

3-4 magazines

Mag Pouches**

Sturdy Belt***

600 rounds Pistol Ammunition

Eye Protection

Ear Protection  *Please bring extra batteries for your ear pro

*Retention Holsters your holster preferably will be made of Kydex which is form fitted to your pistol. If you use nylon or leather holsters you will need to have a thumb break or some form of retention. If you show up without a proper holster you will have to do all drills off the table. No Blackhawk Serpa holsters allowed.

**Magazine Pouches: Recommended but not necessary.  Pockets work but are very slow.

***Sturdy Belt: This needs to be sturdy leather or reinforced nylon. Flimsy belts will not properly secure a holster. If you come with a belt that does not secure the weapon you will have to work off the table as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email [email protected] and we will get right back to you. See you soon!

2 reviews for New Jersey – Sheepdog CQB

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Elizabeth (verified owner)

    The men who run this class are absolutely excellent at what they do. They read people, they encourage them, they teach them skills that will keep you alive. They taught a wide variety of personalities and skill levels and varied their approach and their instruction to meet each and every student (as far as I saw) right where they were at. I was intimidated to attend, but so glad that I did. I was asked to really push outside my comfort zone, which is exactly what I wanted – to get uncomfortable and improve. I left better at shooting, better at grappling, more confident and with a game plan of how to keep learning and improving.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Noga Katz (verified owner)

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