Las Vegas – NV – Occupational Carbine 1


January 18th, 2019

**This Carbine Course is now open to anyone, including Civilians

  • Training officer or Owner's name
  • Agency or Company Name
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**This Carbine Course is now open to anyone, including Civilians (carbine rentals not available, you must own a carbine to take this course).  You cannot choose the bundle of Occupational Level 1 and Carbine if you do not carry professionally.  Occupational Level 1 is not open to Civilians who do not carry a firearm professionally, only the Carbine course is.  *Put your own name under where it asks for your training officers info. & Agency if you’re a Civilian. 

Our Occupational Carbine Level One course is open to anyone who carries a firearm occupationally, such as Law Enforcement, Military, Swat Medics, Armed Security, etc. Learn from some of the best instructors in the world, with decades of experience.  Save money by adding Occupational Carbine to our Occupational Level 1 Course.

  • Carbine function and maintenance
  • Ancillary equipment selection and set up for carbine
  • Loading, firing,  reducing malfunctions and clearing procedures
  • Zeroing techniques and procedures
  • Marksmanship and Combat marksmanship
  • Non-standard firing positions
  • Shooting utilizing  cover and concealment technique
  • Shooting and moving as an individual and as a member of a Team

We are excited to announce that the Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino will be proving all attendee’s a discounted rate of  $49.99 per night for this course! You must call the hotel directly and use the code “Sheepdog” to receive this discounted rate.  *Rates Sunday – Thursday are $49.99,  Friday/Saturday rates are $69.99 (If you decided to stay for the entire week)

Additional information

Course Options

Carbine ONLY, Add Occupational Level 1


Question:  Do I need experience to take this class?

Answer: Yes,  you must have experience with a Carbine to qualify for this class. You must have a basic understand of your weapon system.

Question:  I am a EMT,  do I qualify to take this course?

Answer:  Occupation Level 1 is for anyone who carries a firearm occupationally;  Law enforcement,  Active Military, Swat Medics, Private armed security, Executive Protection, Private investigators, Gov’t LE agencies, border patrol, Prison guards, etc.

Question:  I am a Veteran,  can I take this course?

Answer:  If you are a 20 year retired veteran, Yes.  Otherwise you must be actively in the military with an ID card.  If you are in the reserves, you can still attend our occupational events, as long as you have your current MIL ID.

Question: My physical fitness is lacking, will I be able to complete the course, or should I get in shape first?

Answer: While being in shape will help you during this course, there is no specific requirement from a physical standpoint.

Question: Is your company accredited so I can use this course for continuing education?

Answer:  Yes, we are currently certified through C.L.E.E.T., as well as POST in certain states.

Question:  Do you take Purchase Orders from Agencies?

Answer:  Yes,  please email info@sheepdogresponse for a quote to start the PO process.

Question:  Do you currently have any scholarships available?

Answer:  We no longer work with a 501C3 charity, however, we are in the process of working with a new charity that is in line with our values.

Question: Do you a packing list for this course?

Answer:  Yes, please see the next tab for the course packing list.

Question: When will I receive a detailed itinerary for this course.

Answer: Once you sign up for your course, you will be emailed a detailed itinerary.

Question:  Do you offer group discounts?

Answer:  Yes,  please email for more information.

If you have any further questions, please email us or call 512-993-2999.


Clothing and Gear Required

A pair of durable pants and 2 comfortable shirts for shooting courses
Rain Jacket- the event will go forward regardless of weather
Baseball cap or other hat with brim

Food / Water

  • Our lunch breaks will be short, so you might want to bring MREs, “sack lunches” or something that you can carry with you.
  • Bring any other snacks you desire
  • Bring some bottles of water or a refillable container to stay hydrated during the training

Firearm and Accessories

  • Carbine
  • 3-4 magazines
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Extra batteries for your ear pro
  • Weapons cleaning and maintenance equipment
  • Optic preferred (back up sights for optic)
  • Lubrication
  • Apprx. 600 rounds of ammunition

If you have any questions, please feel free to email and we will get right back to you. See you soon!


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