Doctor Mike Simpson

Size: XL

“Do no harm, but do know harm”

Sheepdog Response’s new “Doctor Mike Simpson” T-shirt features Doc's credo "Do no harm, but do know harm" on the front, and his most famous quote on the back.

This t-shirt is made with a super comfortable poly/cotton blend, using a premium thin fit material, so it feels great both while you're putting holes in the bad guys, and when you're patching them up later.

I often get asked if being a physician contradicts my life as a Sheepdog. Since my oath as a Special Forces soldier always takes precedence, I have had no trouble blending the two. The healer's oath in Latin is "Primum non nocere" which means "First, do no harm".

While I agree with that sentiment as a physician, I was first trained in the deadly arts. In other words, to KNOW harm in all of its forms. For me, it is important to not harm my patients, while always being willing and able harm someone should it become necessary. Besides, its always comforting knowing that I can wreck someone entirely, and then fix them up again...if I want to.

Mike Simpson, 18D/M.D.