Escape & Evasion Kit

Our newest Escape & Evasion kit has everything from multiple covert handcuff keys, shims, a saw, kevlar escape thread, and a lock pick set.  According to FBI crime statistics,  every single day in the United States there are hundreds of kidnappings and thousands of home invasions. That's EVERY DAY!  Everyone should know how to escape from illegal restraints such as;  handcuffs, zip-ties or flex cuffs, ropes, and duct tape, as well as escape from chains/padlocks, and locked rooms. Don't be a victim,  give yourself and your family a chance!

A quick note about escape and evasion tools.  Please do not carry these all in one kit or pouch.  They should be spread-loaded throughout your person, and hidden whenever possible.  If you have a kit, it's much easier to find, and it's much easier to lose. Don't take the chance to lose all of your tools in one shot.

This kit includes all of the following Escape & Evasion Tools: 

Breakout Card

The Breakout Card is a credit card size lock tool set which can reside discreetly in your wallet until needed. It contains essential tools for lockpicking and escapes which can be quickly detached from the card’s matrix as required. It includes the following tools: a handcuff key, 2 lockpicks (hook and triple peak rake), a tension tool, an auto jiggler, a double-sided wafer lockpick, a combo 4-pin, and 5-pin shear-line lockpick. Made of stainless steel. Includes storage sleeve. Size: 3.35” x 2.1” x 0.27”. Weight: 0.7 oz.

Covert Handcuff Key

This is the best hide-out handcuff key available. Constructed of a special durable composite, this universal key can be there for you when you need it most. Tiny, lightweight and non-metallic, it can be hidden on or about your body or clothing so that it can not be easily detected, yet be ready for your use if needed. The design features a lanyard hole so that it can be sewn into or suspended in your clothing or gear. A must-have item for anyone working undercover or operating in a hostile environment. Color: black. Size: 0.5" x 0.8". Weight: 0.014 oz. Made in the U.S.A.

Escape Saw

The Escape Saw can be a vital piece of gear that should be in every adventurer's survival kit. This small, discreet, and lightweight cutter could be just the tool you need to extract yourself from an undesirable situation. It can cut metal, wood, plastic, rope, etc. It cuts on the pull stroke.
Saw length: 2.25". Closed size: 3.25" x 0.625" x 0.375". Weight: 0.4 oz.

Handcuff Shim Pick

The Handcuff Shim Pick can slide between the handcuff's pawl and ratchet to quickly release the cuff. The simple procedure can be easily viewed and conceptualized by using the Clear-Cuff Handcuff Cut-Away. Works only when cuffs are single-locked.

Micro-Clip Handcuff Keys

The Micro-Clip Handcuff Key features an integrated clip that allows it to securely affix to clothing. Discreet placement options include a belt loop, the cuff of a long-sleeve shirt, waistband of pants or underwear, top of the sock, etc. Its minuscule size and low-profile design make detection extremely unlikely, yet it's always accessible when required.
Size: 0.80” x 0.29” x 0.18” Weight: 0.01 oz. Clip portion is designed to flex a maximum of 20 degrees. Made in USA.

SDR Kevlar Escape Thread

Kevlar Escape Thread by Sheepdog Response
Includes 6 feet of 200 lb. test Kevlar. This thread is easy to hide and can be used for escape from heavy-duty zip-tie restraints, duct-tape, rope, or cloth. Used as a friction saw it is a highly efficient method to cut through materials. As a multi-use item, Escape Thread will also work for many other tasks that require strong cordage.

Handcuff and lock shims, keys or picks are only to be used to escape unlawful custody, and in accordance with federal, state and local laws.  It is up to you to follow your jurisdictions applicable laws.