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Tactical Fitness: Establishing Your Baseline

Are you ready to improve your fitness but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Searching online for an effective fitness program can be overwhelming. Type “fitness program” in Google Search and you’ll get a little over 2 million results. We’re going to help you cut through the noise and find an effective training […]

Iran; What the Latest Incident Means to You

By Will Caito One of the first things we teach all Level 1 students is that situational awareness begins with understanding the global reality they inhabit. This “big picture” look can give us vital clues in determining where, when, or how a “crisis” in our lives may unfold as the fallout from events half a […]

Instructor Profile – Dennis Jones

Meet Sheepdog Response Instructor Dennis Jones. Sheepdog Response instructors bring real-world experience to every course we offer. Whether it’s in the classroom, on the mat, or on the range, they bring a wealth of hard-earned knowledge to every block of instruction. In short, our instructors have real-world experience using the techniques and strategies they’ve used […]

7 Steps to Tactical Fitness

The instructors at Sheepdog Response know how to make you a better, faster, and stronger. As Sheepdog Response’s human performance specialist, Matt Devine combines his knowledge of developing tactical athletes for the Department of Defense with his experience as a former athlete, lab tech, and coach with the U.S. Olympic Training Center, to create training […]

Meet Sheepdog Response Instructor Sarah Dunston

Sarah Dunston knows a thing or two about being a Sheepdog. An Army combat veteran with more than 12 years of active service, she conducted felony investigations as a Criminal Investigation Command Special Agent in both the U.S. and overseas. She also supervised tactical policing operations in combat environments and worldwide executive protection operations for […]

Part 2: How to Make Your Home a Hard Target

Securing Your Home’s Interior In our first post, Securing Your Perimeter and Home Exterior, we primarily focused on visual and physical deterrents. Your outer layers of defense are designed to discourage criminals from targeting your house. Those defense systems are also there to provide you with early notification that someone is on your property or […]

How to Make Your Home a Hard Target

Securing Your Perimeter & Home Exterior This is the first installment in a multi-part series about home safety. Protecting your loved ones is a top priority for Sheepdogs. While there should be no safer place than your home, you need practical and pragmatic advice. After all, no one wants to live inside a bank vault…and […]

Sheepdog Profile: Veronica Douglas

Sheepdog Profile: Veronica Douglas The preschool teacher who loves defying and destroying stereotypes For Veronica Douglas, the quest to become a Sheepdog started when she asked herself the question, “How can I be better?” Douglas, a preschool teacher, and former merchant mariner wanted to push her limits. While she had some experience with firearms and […]

Women’s Safety Checklist

At Sheepdog Response we recognize the unique personal safety challenges women face. Not only is it difficult to find quality self-defense advice and training, but it can also be difficult to find female-friendly training environments.  We’ve got you covered! We’re excited to announce our first Women’s Self Defense Course coming to Las Vegas, NV  January […]

How to Turn an Opera Star into a Sheepdog

How to Turn an Opera Star into a Sheepdog “I remember walking into the gym and looking around to see a room full of badasses, and here I was, the least badass of them all,” said Toby. “I immediately started wondering what in the hell had I just gotten myself into.” Toby was attending his […]