Do You have What It Takes To Workout Like a Sheepdog?

Remember when you said, “I don’t have the time to work out?” COVID has effectively destroyed that excuse. 

You've probably heard about the “Freshman 15”, Well… our recent situation has led to the "Quarantine 15”.

There have been a ton of things happening that are out of our control. We hate that feeling just as much as you do. When we deploy, we live in a constant state of uncertainty. The way we get through it with any feeling of control is by Preparation and Training. 

We can control how to Prepare (another topic altogether).

We can control how to Train. 

By focusing on and controlling the things we can, we are better suited to handle the situations we’re faced with.Train with a purpose. You’ll be amazed how it affects other areas of your life. 

Let's make sure we’re coming out of this thing in better shape. 

Tim and our team of trainers have put together workouts you can do at home (or at the gym if yours are opening up) with minimal equipment needed.

We recognize not everyone starts at the same fitness level but encourage you to get through as much as the workout as you can, track your progress, and let us know if you have any questions. 

Here are your next 7 days of workouts. Repeat them weekly or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for new workouts coming daily. We've got over a month up for you already - no excuses!


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May 23, 2021

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